The Bedroom Chronicles: The Office

Nathan Higgins stopped short at seeing his sister, no his adopted sister, sitting in his chair waiting for him. Although his father had adopted Allison Higgins after her parents, good friends of his from college, were in a fatal accident, it wasn't something many people thought about. Allison had similar enough features, although she had grey blue eyes rather than crystal blue as his own, and wavy hair to his straight. They were supposed to be raised as siblings, and to a degree he supposed they were, but what happened between them when she turned 17 was less than sibling like. He should have turned her away and forced her to leave him but he hadn't. How could he when he was madly in love with the one person he wasn't supposed to be?

"Is everything alright, sweetness?" Nathan asked, rounding his desk to stand next to where Allison was seated.

"I'm a bit tired of sleeping alone, Nathan," the brunette said, swinging the chair so that Nathan was standing in between her legs.

Sighing, Nathan brushed his fingertips against Allison's cheek before grasping the back of her neck with the same hand to haul her up to a standing position. With his late nights and their parents request of having Allison spend a few nights a week with them, there was no time to be with one another outside of stolen moments. Nathan had missed her, his bed cold and empty, and his sexual appetite left unsatisfied.

 He and his adopted sister were playing with fire these past eight years. He had forced her to date a bit during college, even if it made him insanely jealous, and forced himself to do the same. They always ended it with those they were seeing because once the holidays came around they were together. Everyone around them just assumed Nathan and Allison Higgins were the dream children, barely ever fighting with one another, and extremely close. If they were to know what was really going on the Higgins name would be dragged through the mud.

"Are you not going to kiss me, Nathan?" Allison seductively whispered, eyelids half lowered and body pressed against his.

"Maybe," Nathan taunted before mashing their mouths together.

The kiss was desperate and hungry, teeth and tongues clashing. Nathan's free hand slipped down to grip Allison's butt while his other hand continued to hold her head in place. He growled as he heard her moan. She was wearing too many fucking clothes, so was he for that matter.

"I have a meeting in an hour and a half in Columbus Circle, Nathan." Allison warned, gasping for breath.

"Bend over the desk and raise your skirt. We'll make this quick and I expect you in my bed tonight." Nathan ordered, releasing his hold on her and stepping back.

With an eye roll Allison did as she was told and waited. Her wait wasn't long as within a few seconds she felt his hands on her, rolling down her stockings enough for him to have access to where he needed. She cried out when he thrust into her without warning. If she wasn't so turned on he would have hurt her, but Nathan knew she was always ready for him.

"I fucking love that you're always so ready to take my cock. Always so fucking wet and tight, fuck." Nathan hissed, thrusting his cock in and out of her.

Allison moaned his name and held onto the edge of the desk. Between the pounding of his cock, his skillful fingers rubbing her clit, and the two week buildup of no sex, Allison was ready to climax already. She chanted his name as she reached the point of no return, alerting Nathan he could follow soon. His pace never faltered as she cried out his name, inner muscles contracting around him, and came. He slowed his pace, kissed her shoulder, and slammed home as he reached his own high.

"I love you," Nathan rasped against her shoulder as he lay his body on top of hers.

"I love you more, always." Allison managed to whisper out as she lay between his body and the wood of his desk.

"You know, I'm planning on going out with Serena tonight. She's been having such a bad time at her job lately and needs a night out. I sent you over her resume to see if you can help her with transitioning to another place." Allison said as Nathan pulled out of her and helped her stand.

Nathan nodded, zipping his pants back up, as he took in what she said and watched her fix her appearance. Her lips were a little swollen, cheeks still flushed, but she was the most gorgeous creature he'd ever laid eyes on. He remembered Serena, smart and hardworking public relations girl. He didn't think he had any openings for her at any of his companies, but he would take a look. If it made Allison happy then he was more than willing to do it.

"I can't remember needing anything in her field but I will look into it and ask around my inner circle. What time should I expect-" Nathan was cut off when his secretary's voice rang throughout the room.

"Mr. Higgins, Mr. Styles is on the line for you. Shall I put him right through?"

"Of course, Elena. Thank you." Nathan said into the intercom before look back to Allison.

"I'll just need to use your bathroom really quick to fix my makeup and check my hair. I'll be out of your hair in a minute. Give Hudson my love." Allison said, kissing his jaw before making her way to his private bathroom that was attached to his office.