Fashion Friday: 3 Pieces Each Professional Gal Must Have

Happy Fashion Friday! Fashion, especially when attempting to suit the professional world, can be daunting. I've been there, you don't want to stand out in a bad way but you don't want to dress like a middle-aged women, either! Here are three staple items that can be mixed and matched with each other and dozens of other items in your closet or that you pick up along the way to look suitable for an office job or interview!

Black Blazer

The black blazer has been around for what feels like centuries and I doubt it's going anywhere anytime soon. Black goes with everything and a blazer dresses up just about any shirt or outfit. You can't go wrong with a black blazer in your closet, I have about seven. There are loads of cuts and styles so you have a lot to choose from if you don't like the classic cut in the photo I have above. 

Nude Heels

Much like the black blazer, the nude pump goes with everything and will never be out of style! The color is neutral so it goes with everything under the sun and the heel is gives you the dressed up feel and look. You don't have to have patent leather if you don't like it, it tends to scuff easily which can be a pain. The pump I have above is a moderately priced one, but you can always find cheaper ones while shopping online or in the stores during sales! 

Black Pencil Skirt

Much like the black blazer and nude pump, a black pencil skirt is always in style. The color goes with everything under the sun and the fact that it's a skirt gives you that womanly vibe, so you don't have to wear dress pants everyday! There are shorter skits than this one if you don't like its length but keep in mind a mini-skirt and a pencil skirt are two different pieces all together!