A Week's Reading of Romance Novels | Week 5

The last week of my winter recess and it breaks my heart a bit as I won't have the leisure time to read 3 to 7 novels a week with classes, work and my internship. I really would love to just get paid to read and review books. Moving along to the most important part of this post now which, of course, is the books!

1. Lost in You by Lauren Dane

Joe Harris has returned to the small town of Petal in Georgia after being in the military for years. He has many demons to still battle and is home because of some family issues. He doesn't have time for love or anything of the sort but Beth Murphy doesn't take no for an answer. She's smart, beautiful, his best friend's younger sister and a whole lot of temptation. Beth Murphy wants Joe Harris and she's not a shy, simpering little girl but a passionate woman who will do what needs to be done to get her man. 

Joe's determination to be a good son and to not hurt Beth mixes in to make him a very complicated man. He doesn't want to share his burdens and that causes tension between him and Beth when they start this complicated and delicate relationship of sorts. Beth tries to be understanding and let him come to her once he is ready. She's really admirable and mature, which I love. Her and Joe's chemistry is through the roof and the sex is hot. Of course, the writing is great and detailed so you can visualize everything as though it is a memory rather than a novel. Overall, I loved the story line and characters so I would suggest it to any contemporary romance novel lover. 

2. Reasonable Doubt (Full Series) by Whitney Garcia Williams

Andrew Hamilton is a damn good lawyer but has a sexual appetite to make most women moan. He's gorgeous, intelligent, but never gets attached. He sticks around for one night and then never wants to meet with you again. Through an online lawyers chatroom, he meets a woman that is supposed to be a young 27 year old lawyer. He begins a friendship with her where he'd call and text her to discuss the day and she'd ask law questions. Andrew knows her as "Alyssa" while "Alyssa" is never told his real name. So when Aubrey, "Alyssa", interviews for an undergraduate internship position at his firm all hell breaks loose. You'll have to read to find out what ensues. 

Whitney Garcia Williams is a fabulous writer. She's written Mid-Night Love and At Last which is a series I recommended a few months ago. Williams ensures you're always at the edge of your seat because as soon as you think you know how everything is going to pan out, a sharp left turn is taken. Andrew and Aubrey are likeable characters and you feel a bit torn as to who's side to take when reading the story. The plot is interesting and the writing is fabulous. The story is worth every penny! 

3.  Mad Love by Colet Abedi

When you feel like your life is caving in, what do you do? 23 year old Sophie Walker decides to take a trip to the Maldives Islands with her best friend and his boyfriend. Sophie is an aspiring artist, much to her parents dismay, and breaks off her relationship to the "perfect" choice in her parents eyes. She wants more, a passionate lover to make her feel cherished and desired, and to finally breathe in her life. What our virginal Sophie doesn't expect is sin itself bulldozing into her life. Clayton Sinclair is sin embodied from his looks, his British accent and his demanding nature. He's worked hard to get to where he is and enjoys spending his money any way he sees fit. What Clayton isn't fond of is the word no. He always gets what he wants and he's set his sights on Sophie. Their attraction is undeniable, but will Clayton's secrets come to ruin what seems like a beautiful relationship? 

I loved the book, the first one in this new series by Abedi.Sophie always tried to give into what others want at the cost of losing her own desires and finally stands up for what she wants. She doesn't want a passionless boyfriend or to be a lawyer and join her father's firm. Her escape to the Maldives Islands is the way to find herself and she finds the sensual devil Clayton Sinclair. Clayton is a complex character, a bit controlling with a good heart. He protects what he claims as his and is moody and secretive enough to keep you guessing. The character dynamic was interesting, the plot leaves you with a lot of emotions because the book is a cliffhanger, and the writing is great! I'd recommend this, but only if you don't mind waiting to know what happens next as the second book has not been released. 

4.  Falling for Fate by Caisey Quinn

This is my first time reading anything by Caisey Quinn and what a read it was. I adored this book for several reasons including the likable characters, the windy plot and the happy ending coming in an unexpected way. Fate Buchanan was doing everything the "right" way, holding onto her virtue until she was married, graduating college, and having a job secured before getting married, yet life still hands her a bad hand. Her fiance has been cheating on her for over a year with her best friend, and maid of honor, to which she discovers the day before the wedding on accident. That isn't the only curve ball tossed at this hardworking woman, no, of course not. Fate's mother struggles with alcohol addiction and finally takes a turn for the worst and needs to be admitted into a rehabilitation facility. Everything caves in on our heroine at once and she takes off from the wedding venue, in the Hamptons, and runs down the beach in search of a way to escape.

Her escape comes in the form of incredible hot, sensual and wealthy Dean Maxwell. Dean notices Fate running down the beach past his condo and feels a pull so he goes after her. After getting her out of the water, he ends up taking her virtue on the beach. He goes to the house and comes back to find her gone. Fate might not realize it until after she's begun her new position in marketing but Dean Maxwell, her beach lover, hasn't forgotten about her and he intends to collect his due from her. I loved the story, the twist and turns and of course the sex. Quinn is a talented writer who takes you on a ride you will be sad to see end at the end of the book.



  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed Falling for Fate! Let me know if you're interested in review copies of others titles! ;)