A Week's Reading of Romance Novels | Week 4

Another slow book week for me as my work life continues to pick up. I also begin spring semester next week which is a bit of a downer. Four novels is all I could get through this week, but I'm sure your wallet will still hate me as I have given you over 30 books to read on my blog to date. Remember that reading feeds the mind and romance is not dead!

1. Nights With Him by Lauren Blakely

Sexy, wealthy, sex God men with underlying secrets and commitment issues seem to always be the kind of men we want to read about. Jack Sullivan is just that kind of character. He's a Sex Toy Mogul living in New York City with more money than he knows what to do with and an intimacy problem since the death of his ex-fiance. Enter our female lead, Michelle Milo. She's smart, hard working and doing well in her field of expertise. They share one incredible night of passion to only find themselves staring at one another the next morning when Jack goes to his first appointment with Dr. Milo concerning his intimacy issues. Of course, Michelle won't even consider treating him and so sends him to another in which she has mentored. This doesn't stop them from falling into a private affair both steamy and wicked that ends up with someone falling in love. I have to give credit to Blakely for an interesting plot, well developed characters and great sex scenes! I loved this book and I hope you will, too. 

2. The Exposed Saga by Deborah Bladon

This book is a combination of all 3 separate books that make up The Exposed Saga and I prefer it this way as they are far too short on their own. The read wasn't terrible but it was quite short and underdeveloped. The motion was too fast for how short the book actually was which led to character development becoming nonexistent and the plots becoming messy. The story line was decent, something uncommon and interesting, and there were lots of twists and turns to keep you guessing and curious, but the shortness and lack of character development was irritating. Sex is nice, suspense is nice, but I need some character fleshing out and growth! I wouldn't really recommend it but if you don't mind spending about $4.20 then give it a read. You'll pick up on all my complaints but there is sex and happily ever after with a wealthy, sexy man! 

3. Unbreak Me by Lexi Ryan

I didn't think I would like this book until I began turning the pages and getting lost in the story. Maggie is a character you connect with and love. She's a college dropout, a disgrace to her wealthy family from a small town for jilting her ex-fiance who is now marrying her sister. Are you thinking, "this is fucked up," yet? It only continues to get better. Maggie is torn between doing the right thing and doing what would make her happy which has a weird love triangle of sorts. William may be marrying her sister but he isn't over Maggie, not by a long shot. Then we have the rich guy that owns the property next to her mother's and we learn he's not just some rich guy but Asher Logan, a famous rocker! Asher may just be the one man that can give Maggie everything she deserves and force her to realize she deserves it. Who will she choose? William who always wants to fix her or Asher who doesn't think she needs fixing? The characters were fantastic and you get to see different sides since the book bounces between Maggie, William and Asher's point of view. The plot is decent and allows for you to truly see how messed up Maggie is. I think this is worth the read and couldn't put it down. I remember screaming and rolling around so that's when you know it's good! 

4. Lord Savage by Mia Gabriel

First thing's first, this is not like the others in that it's a historical romance novel. I love historical romance, especially like this, where it is set in high society London with rakehells and sex. The lead characters both have something to gain from one another, the intimacy that has been missing from both of their lives. Evelyn Hart is a widowed heiress from New York City looking for what she has been missing her entire life, companionship, intimacy, and mind blowing sex. Her late husband wasn't passionate as she was nothing more than a business transaction and her life was lack luster. She finds mystery, darkness and pleasure in the arms of Lord Savage, a widowed earl. This is just the first book and I didn't realize it would be a series. It was a pleasurable read with unexpected twists and turns, sex and the underlying hint of need. If you like the idea of a ravishing tilted Englishman and a seductive time between two lovers, this is the read for you.