A Week's Reading of Romance Novels | Week 3

This week was a slower week of reading, as much as it pains me to admit it, due to my work life picking up. I worked a lot more hours this past week and began my spring internship which took time away from reading. I'm really excited to say I've finally finished the Blackstone Affair series by Raine Miller! I hope with this wave of books you'll find something that interests you. If you fall in love with a book as much as I did while reading it then I've accomplished something great!

1. Rare and Precious Things (Blackstone Affair #4) by Raine Miller

In the final chapter of the Ethan and Brynne love story we continue to see their pasts coming to haunt them, their struggles with their pasts, their struggles with their relationship and the impending child Brynne is going to have. It seems love isn't enough to escape your past and sometimes you have to meet it head on in order to be able to move forward and leave the past where it belongs, behind you. Miller keeps us on our toes enough with the twists, turns and moments of "what the hell" along with steamy sex. As always, Miller delivers a striking plot, great character development and fabulous writing. If you haven't read the Blackstone Affair I would suggest you do so because it is one fun and wild ride and you'll fall hopelessly in love with Ethan Blackstone. 

2. Cherry Girl (Neil & Elaina #1) by Raine Miller

Spinning off from the Blackstone Affair comes the story of Neil and Elaina whom we meet thanks to Ethan working working with Neil and then hiring Elaina. This story captures your heart from the moment you begin to read as you see through Elaina's eyes how she fell in love with Neil from the day she met him when she was just ten years of age. The story follows their relationship, her admiring him from afar as he is seven years older than her, and him quietly waiting for his turn. The first time they get together I screamed "Finally!" and was so excited. Of course, Miller couldn't let it all be so easy and there was a wrench thrown into that happy state of being that forces both Neil and Elaina apart. Elaina is so heartbroken that she wants no contact with the only man she's ever pined after and Neil gives her that freedom for several years until Ivan, Neil's best friend and Elaina's older brother, and Mrs. Morrison, Ivan and Elaina's mother, meddle. Neil sees Elaina and takes it as his second chance, a chance he doesn't plan on giving up. He pursues her relentlessly, giving her no option but to succumb to the fire that never truly died between them. As always Miller delivers great character development, a good plot, great writing and hot sex scenes. 

3. Take Two by Laurelin Paige

If you have read or heard of the Fixed Trilogy and Hudson Pierce, you recognize the name of this author. Laurelin Paige made a splash with the Fixed Trilogy and rightfully so, it was absolutely smashing! Paige has a few other books, including this one, where she takes different approaches to scorching hot romance. If you're looking for a witty read written in a different light, then this is something to read. It isn't the Fixed Trilogy but the writing is good, the plot interesting and the chemistry between the characters is delicious. You find yourself wanting to kiss and smack Michah, our male lead, and feeling deeply for Maddie, our female lead. Overall, I enjoyed the book and found myself laughing and gasping. This is a standalone novel which is sometimes a nice break from all the series. You won't be disappointed reading this book, of that I can promise you!