3 Reasons Why You Should Dye Your Hair

Change is always fun and sometimes necessary. While I like changing up what I keep in my wardrobe, I find altering my hair to be a more satisfying change. I'm not always into cutting my hair, especially now that it's become so long, but dying it is always fun. Why not add a few red streaks or low lights or highlights? You can also dye your entire head a different shade.

1. Change is good! 
You don't always have to just be the blonde one or the curly haired one. Why not enjoy a few pink streaks or caramel high lights? Sometimes it only takes a few streaks to give you a confidence boost you so desperately need after a bad semester at college or a bad breakup. Experiment with your hair and embrace change! 

2. Color gives you a new look you completely control!
Gaining weight when you don't want to or having your eyebrows messed up due to a person's slip of hand while waxing are new looks you did not desire. Many times these looks make you upset while dying your hair can be a freeing experience. You controlled the look, picked the color or colors and changed your color or added the streaks. You don't have to buy an entire new wardrobe to have the new look you wanted, just add hair dye! 

3. It is fun!
When you go shopping for new clothes, shoes, or handbags it tends to be fun, right? Choosing a new hair color or color of streaks or highlights can be just as fun, if not more! You can use semi-permanent colors so they washout eventually and you can continue to change your look around. The thrill of knowing you are going to look a bit different is something I know I enjoy. Now there are so many fun and funky colors to try from rose to lavender and turquoise to plum! Have fun with your hair, you only live once!