3 Beauty Hacks Every Gal Should Know

  • Chapped lips? Use petroleum jelly (most people think of Vaseline) instead of chap stick or lip balm for a few days. Petroleum jelly allows for the dry skin to heal. You can apply this as often as you would like, I suggest three times a day minimum. The product is fairly cheap, usually costing under $5.00! 

  • Dry hair or frizzy hair? Use coconut oil instead of a leave-in conditioner at night at least 3 nights a week. After showering and cleansing hair, apply a generous amount of coconut oil throughout hair and leave in overnight. Coconut oil will give your dry hair back what it is lacking and is usually priced under $5.00!

  • Breaking out or don't have makeup remover? Use witch hazel, a natural skin toner that cleans skin and can act as a makeup remover if you don't have one. When I run out of facial wash or when my back breaks out, I use witch hazel to cleanse the area. It isn't rough on skin or filled with chemicals and can be used daily. You can usually find this product also priced under $5.00!