Romantic Series Review | Innocence Series by Alessandra Torre

Winter break is when I go on reading binges and so I will be sharing what I'm reading more frequently now. Alessandra Torre's Innocence Series had me at the overview given on Barnes and Noble's website. Bradley De Luca is an Italian stud who is wealthy, hardworking, and complicated. Who doesn't love a man with a presence that oozes sex and charisma? The heroine of the story is actually rather interesting for several reasons. Julia Campbell is finishing up her undergraduate degree and interning at the most prestigious law firm in Chicago which Brad De Luca happens to be a partner of. 

In the first novel you are opened to Julia's life, her failed engagement to a less than suitable partner, her beginning of an internship, and her meeting of Brad. Julia is freshly 21 and finishing up her undergraduate degree, thinking of applying to law school, and beginning her three month internship. Julia is assigned to the corporate law partner and is really nothing more than a glorified secretary with duties involving filing, coffee making, and errand running. Her boss, and pretty much everyone in the office, warned Julia to stay away from the best divorce attorney in Chicago, one of the firm's partner's, Brad De Luca. Throughout the novel, Julia presents a challenge with her sassy mouth and resolve to not ruin her internship with tumbling into Brad's bed. Brad does love a challenge and so sets up every opportunity to have time with her and persuade her into his bed. The first step is when Julia agrees to spend a weekend in Las Vegas with Brad. Who can ignore sin city? Obviously, both Brad and Julia cannot and their torrid love affair commences.

Fast forward to the second novel in the series titled Masked Innocence and you're in for good. Brad is very interesting in his tastes but cannot seem to get enough of Julia, both in and outside of the bedroom. His view of Julia is forever morphing as he watches her mature and become more comfortable in her sexuality. Through all three books, Julia's sexuality continues to be drawn from her and each experience Brad brings draws both further into a world neither one of them thought possible. When you get to the third novel in the series, you are in for a shock for several reasons surrounding both Brad and Julia. First, Julia's boss is killed and seems to be linked to the Mafia. Second, our dear Bradley has been hiding a secret that could tear him and Julia apart. The hit placed on Julia and the way in which Brad handles it will add just enough suspense to a wildly erotic and sexual series to keep you guessing. If you think you've had Brad figured out, guess again. If you think Julia is a boring character, you're in the wrong. Torre paints an intricate picture that is forever evolving through the characters as we watch them blossom, find themselves, and fall in love. I read the entire series in a day because I simply couldn't put it down.