Creative Christmas Gifts | DIY Mason Jar Gifts

It's December already which means the gift giving season is upon us. I celebrate Christmas, but this creative gift idea can be used for birthdays, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever you celebrate and need a gift idea for. For this inspiration base I used mason jars. I've made four of these, for my female friends, and so each one is slightly different than the other as they are tapered to their individual likes. 

For this gift I used:
Mason jars- I used ones with a chalkboard front to add a bit of flair from Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Small Gifts to Fit Inside- Smashbox lip glosses, Bath & Body Works travel sized hand creams and hand sanitizers, They're Real mini mascara, travel sized roll on perfume (Daisy by Marc Jacobs), necklaces and bracelets (fake jewelry from Charlotte Russe), and a lace headband (from Charlotte Ruse). Each mason jar was fit differently since it was tailored to each individuals likes, only one had a headband, and one had a perfume, but each one had a different scented lotion and sanitizer. 

Tape & Ribbon- I used dollar store Christmas ribbon as it was cheap and still decorative. Clear masking tape was used to tape down the top as it wouldn't close on its own due to the height of a few of the contents.  I made bows on two of the jars and just tied the ribbon on the other two simply because I was lazy. 

The price for each jar to be filled, including the jar price, was about 25 dollars since I purchased everything during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales with coupons. You can definitely still find awesome deals, Charlotte Russe is doing BOGO deals on most of their items and such, and fill your jars up with things you know your friends like. This is a creative alternative to just buying your friend a shirt or giving her a gift card and calling it a day. When you think about it, 25 dollars isn't much to spend and this gift shows you know the person well, the thought matters.