6 Favorite Lip Things of 2014

Another year is coming to end and I am doing a round up of all things I loved about this year. For this post, I'm listing all products to do with the lips whether it be lip glosses, lip balms or lip stains. I may not always wear mascara or eyeshadow, but I almost always have something on my lips. 

1. Clinique's Long Last Gloss shade 21- Bamboo Pink
Price: $16
Why I love it: It is a neutral shade that looks great with everything whether you are casual or dressed up. You can also use this to tone down dark lip stains or lipsticks. 

2. New York Color's City Proof Twistable Lip Crayon shade 050- Park Slope Peach
Price: $2.99
Why I love it: I am a massive fan of light and neutral tones so this crayon upholds that theme. It is cheap, lasts long, and is just enough color to give your lips something. 

3. stila's Lip and Cheek Stain shade Pomegranate Crush
Price: $24.00
Why I love it: Sometimes a dramatic look is necessary and this dark, plum colored lip stain does the trick. The price is a bit steep but the wear length is decent and the color is incredible.

4. Smashbox's Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquer shade coral
Price: $24.00
Why I love it: Smashbox is one of my absolute favorite makeup lines and one of the reasons why is this lip gloss! To me, coral lips scream summer and work with a nice summer tan. 

5. tarte Power Pigment shade sheer berry
Price: $24.00
Why I love it: Sometimes your lips just need a bit of natural feeling color and this berry lip crayon does it for me. I also love that it is without parabens and phthalates which means less harsh chemicals on your body, always a good thing! 

6. Buxom Full-On Lip Cream shade white russian (nude pink color)
Price: $19.00
Why I love it: While the Clinique nude shade is one of my favorites, this is also a useful lip gloss. This gloss doesn't hold any sparkles and is more creamy in texture which I happen to like to use as a complete stand alone product. What I really love about this lip gloss is the pumping feature because who doesn't love full lips?