3 Social Media Handles You Should Have

As we move further into the digital age, there are some staple social media accounts you need to have. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all necessary for work purposes now, especially if you're going to be in the advertising/public relations/marketing spheres. You can't hide from social media and not having a presence tends to become a problem as many companies will Google you or LinkedIn search you before they interview you or hire you. When you're under the age of 35 and have no digital footprint, the alarm bells are raised. Are you hiding something? That tends to be the first question when you cannot be found on the internet.


Twitter is great. We can interact with people we've never met, but still share similar likes and thoughts. The same goes for the professional world. Many executives, no matter where they rank, have Twitter to be in the movement. You can keep your fan or what have you Twitter but having a professional one that focuses on your academics and possible future career is a good idea. When you enter an internship interview or your entry level job interview, you tend to be asked about your social profiles. It is always great to be able to say this is my username for Twitter and not be concerned about them seeing a side of you that you aren't comfortable letting them see. 


Personally, Facebook is a more personal social channel than say Pinterest or Twitter. I don't see you having friends that you don't know on there where as Twitter and most other social channels almost encourage stranger followings. Facebook is important just to say you have it, but more for if you're going to be working in that sphere. When you're in advertising, public relations or marketing, you tend to need to be able to have a Facebook where you can link to your company's page in order to post and edit. Having this account becomes a necessity when in these fields. 


Are you tired of hearing about LinkedIn? Sorry, it isn't going away anytime soon and is a necessity for any profession. LinkedIn is like a Facebook and Twitter hybrid that is focused solely on professional connections. You can post things for others to view, like or comment on what others have posted, accept "friend requests," and have your experience all on the internet in the form of a digital resume on the site. This site is great for keeping in contact with those you meet and might be able to use in the future, for applying to internship/job postings, and being recruited. LinkedIn is what I call the digital resume since you can place all your education, your skills, and your work/volunteer experience up for anyone who is looking to see. This is one of the most powerful tools to date, in my own opinion, because of this. 

I know we like to think that social media and our future professional careers shouldn't meet, but they are and will continue to do so. Have these professional outlets, of course you can have your personal ones, and use them to maximize your case. People will Google you and finding your professional Twitter talking about the conferences, internships or whatever you've been doing works in your favor. A word of caution, companies and colleges alike look for your social profiles so keep your pages as clean as possible or private as you can lose a job offer or be turned away from a school for the portrayal of yourself.  The power of social media is at its peak so jump on the wave!