A Day as a Social Media Focused Intern

I keep hearing, "Sam, what is it that you do if you're social media focused?" I think everyone thinks I just sit around all day playing on Pinterest and retweeting things, I don't. The biggest misconception about managing social media for public relations or marketing purposes is that it is easy. I'm going to ruin some of your lives, it is not easy. There's trend research, content creation, content re-purposing, hash tag research, time research, and more!

For my own purposes, the company I'm currently situated at has me managing two Facebook accounts, two Instagram accounts, two Pinterest accounts, one Twitter account, and a blog. To sum it simply, I have a lot to manage, plan, and create. I have to come up with theme posts across social channels, schedule everything, and more. While I enjoy it, I love social media, it is some serious work.

When I walked into this company a month ago nothing was together. They didn't coordinate their posts to have one voice, to have the same message travel across all social channels, or event post at the most appropriate times. There was no social strategy to speak of, they didn't even have a social calendar! Simply put, my work was cut out for me. I created a digital strategy, ensured that the future posts would all have one voice no matter who was posting (sometimes the owner likes to be involved on the one of the Facebook pages), and created a social media calendar.

Most days I'm looking at current articles in the specific industry, luxury invitations, that my company is in. I'm reading up on color trends, dress trends, and so on and so forth. Normally, I'm also looking around to see what needs to be photographed, how I can use invitations that have already been made on posts, what content we can reuse from other sites, and so on. Another part of my routine is going over my ideas and concepts for posts with the owner and the graphic designer. There are really fun things involved like when new invitation designs or broaches come in or we get a novelty party to do like a themed Sweet 16 or Bat Mitzvah.

I try to plan things a few days in advance for all the social posts. There are times when "on the fly posts" are written on the day of as someone influential died or some celebrity got engaged. I create "inspiration boards" with photo collages centered around color schemes and invitation designs. I write up all the written copy to accompany graphics involving keywords and specific hash tags. I ensure to cultivate and grow the following and engagement on the social networks, there's been a 40% increase since I began! Some of the fun things I create are like the photo below.

With this photo I have the main focus on the wedding invitation designed by the company, showing off the newest offered broach, and tie it into a champagne colored wedding scheme! This is where I say you need to be creative to work in public relations. Will you be doing fun and creative stuff everywhere you go? The answer is no, but it's still essential to think outside the box! 

I also manage blogger relations. Bloggers are of supreme influence, especially in this space. I am the one reaching out to theme to create relationships for future needs. I'm the one thinking of creating a media kit, items that we want them to view, write a review on, and give us exposure to their followers! I'm working with the owner and graphic designer right now to narrow down to about ten magazines and blogger sites that are useful for us to send these kits to. Constant research, evaluation, and planning. That is my takeaway from doing this!